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        Our commitment to making the world healthier goes beyond the life-transforming medicines we invent. Through our civic involvement and environmental stewardship, we are creating shared value for our people, patients and planet.

        Community Involvement

        At Regeneron, volunteering is an essential part of the employee experience. We encourage our people to give back and create meaningful change in our communities through Regeneron For Good, our company volunteer program. Through the power of our employees’ diverse talents, time and leadership, their involvement makes a difference in the lives of many–especially those in underserved communities.

        Check out the good we’ve been doing*:

        • $901K

          donated by Regeneron through the Matching Gift Program

        • 35,225

          hours volunteered

        • $14M

          donated in corporate grants

        • 1,185

          organizations supported through the Matching Gift Program

        • 93%

          corporate grants invested in STEM education

        • 116

          community organization served during Regeneron’s annual day of service

        *2019 global figures

        Regeneron For Good, our employee giving program, is built on our long-term commitment to support our colleagues’ passions to give back through volunteerism and create positive change. Our program is designed to leverage their talents, sharpen their skills and build connections with their peers and neighbors.

        Day for Doing Good gives teams across the world the opportunity to volunteer in their communities. Projects receive support. Teams build connections. And everyone has some fun–all while supporting worthwhile causes.


        “Every day our employees come to work to make a difference in the world at large, and we’ve touched hundreds of thousands of people around the globe by making the world a healthier place. Today we look a little closer and we make a difference in our own communities.”

        - Leonard S. Schleifer, MD, PhD
        Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer
        October 2017, our inaugural Day for Doing Good

        Day for Doing Good
        by the numbers

        See how much good was done in 2019

        2019 Making a Difference Around the World


        Regeneron and all of our employees aim to facilitate future growth, be good environmental stewards and have a positive impact on our communities. Sustainable practices are integrated into our business strategy and our culture.

        Regeneron Policy on Environment, Health & Safety

        Environmental sustainability practices are integrated into Regeneron's business strategy and culture. Environmental sustainability practices are integrated into Regeneron's business strategy and culture.

        We have set targets in four key areas to help inform our choices and actions, all with the aim of reducing our environmental footprint as we grow. In 2015, we progressed toward meeting those goals.

        • Regeneron Environmental Sustainability Goal: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions


          Reduced our greenhouse gas emissions per employee by 14%, moving toward our expanded 2018 goal of 30%

        • Regeneron Environmental Sustainability Goal: Reduce waste going to landfills


          44% of our waste avoids the landfill, moving towards our 2018 goal of 90%

        • Regeneron Environmental Sustainability Goal: Reduce hazardous chemical waste

          Chemical Waste

          At 51% reduction per lab employee, we're just short of our 2018 goal of 60%

        • Regeneron Environmental Sustainability Goal: Reduce electricity consumption


          Reduced our consumption per employee by 5%, moving towards our 2018 goal of 10%

        As we grow, we are mindful of our environmental footprint and the impact on our local communities, and proactively seek environmentally responsible ways to better operate our business.

        Learn more about our sustainability strategy